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Introducing the Blemish Treatment Gel

Introducing BLEMISH TREATMENT GEL: Salix-Alba & Boswellia. An advanced gel formulation that specifically targets blemishes noticeably clearing impurities and calming irritation.

BIOACTIVE INGREDIENTS Salix Alba Extract contains rich Polyphenol Antioxidants that visibly calm the skin and Salicin a powerful natural anti-bacterial agent that noticeably treats breakouts and blemishes. Triterpenoids [Boswellia Acids] from Boswellia provide antiseptic and cell regenerative properties beneficial for treating blemishes. Guaiazulene from Blue Cypress noticeably decongests the skin, visibly reduces pore size and helps prevent blemish formation due to its anti-bacterial properties. Bisabolol from Chamomile and Arnica Extract Flavonoids noticeably reduce inflammation, calm and soothe the skin while providing anti-bacterial properties.

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Cleanse Science

The Grown Alchemist philosophy focuses on harnessing new technologies that naturally improve the functioning of the skin. Cleansing is about removing impurities, and not the natural water-binding agents that keep your face moist and your skin tight. 

Optimising the function of the skin achieves real beauty results and your skincare routine is the first step towards radiant, beautiful skin. When it comes to CLEANSE SCIENCE we recommend a Double Cleanse routine. Learn more about the science behind our double cleanse routine and our organic skincare range that cleanses, detoxes and activates the skin.

About the Double Cleanse
The first cleanse cleanses the complexion removing make-up, an initial layer of skin secretions and environmental pollution. The second cleanse cleanses the skin itself, leaving it clear, fresh, balanced and soft. Double cleansing is about effectively removing toxins without compromising the skin and allowing the skin to work more effectively and regenerate with maximum results.

Your SkinCare Routine

Single Cleanse In The Morning 

We recommend a single cleanse is every morning. Many people believe that you don’t need to cleanse in the morning if you have double cleansed the night before but this is not the case. At night when the skin is regenerating, it releases waste and toxins. These toxins accumulate on your face leaving the skin feeling quite oily in the morning. Using either the Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser or Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser to cleanse will leave the skin refreshed and optimised to receive your prescribed skincare system. Without a thorough cleanse in the morning, waste left on the skin can cause problems when you apply skincare products over trapped impurities. This can lead to congestion, infection, stress on the skin and even aging.

Eye-Makeup Remover for Younger Eyes 

Delicate areas such as the eye and lip contours should be treated with Grown Alchemist’s gentle Eye-Makeup Remover. Anything not designed for the eyes could possibly be either too severe, which will dry the skin, or too nourishing, which may cause puffiness and congestion. Our Eye-Makeup Remover is more than a makeup remover and cleanser for the eyes as it contains chamomile that soothes and calms the eye area. It also acts to detoxify the eyelids to ensure that Antioxidants and active ingredients are fighting the effects of toxins that accumulate here. 

Double Cleanse at Night 

Even if you don’t wear makeup, it is essential to double cleanse every night. The Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser is ideal for the first cleanse, it emulsifies helping to remove excess cellular waste, pollution, skin secretions and applied makeup. It has been formulated to break down oil-soluble waste that can then be removed with water, making it ideal for all skin types and conditions.

Exfoliant and Masque 

Exfoliation is extremely important for the skin. Rather than thinking of the word 'scrub,' think of a gentle way to 'polish' the complexion. It’s a gentle action and not at all an aggressive motion. Use a small amount of our Polishing Facial Exfoliant and emulsify between both hands with a drop of warm water to increase its spreadability. Using a light touch, gently massage all over the face and neck, avoiding the eye contour area. Add water as necessary, to maintain a flowing texture. Massage for no more than 30-60 seconds on each area. Exfoliation does not need to be performed more than two times per week. 

For superior results, follow your exfoliation routine with our Deep Cleansing Masque. Using the Deep Cleansing Masque after you have exfoliated is similar to using a conditioner after a shampoo. Together they create a powerful synergy.


Toner creates the last step in cleansing and the first step in hydration. The Grown Alchemist Balancing Toner is safe enough to be used around the eye contour and will leave the skin feeling supple, soft, cool and fresh. Toner prepares the skin and leaves it ready for absorbing other products that follow during the Detox and Activate stages.

A consistent double cleanse routine free of chemicals and preservatives will achieve superior beauty results. Our organic, active, cell-communicating ingredients help the skin fight off free radicals, remove toxins and ultimately enable the skin to absorb and use the topical skincare products to restore collagen, elastin and promote healthy skin hydration, leaving your face, neck and décolletage noticeably smoother and radiant looking.

We have partnered again with Australian fashion label Dion Lee [II] this time helping sponsor Dion’s MBFW Spring/Summer 2014/15 show. Models’ skin was nourished and kept well hydrated backstage with our Mandarin & Rosemary Leaf Body Cream and Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream.

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We were pleased to support recent Tiffany & Co. National Designer Award winners, STRATEAS.CARLUCCI in their official launch to the Australian market at Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week in April.  

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Today marks the launch of our new clean sustainable packaging, which reflects our clean healthy approach to formulation and has impressive environmental credentials: made from a PEFC Certified paper which is constructed of fibre derived from sustainably managed forests and non-controversial sources; and is manufactured by an ISO14001 certified mill.

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We were fortunate to be awarded the ‘Best Organic Product’ in the New Zealand Best in Beauty awards recently for our Vanilla Orange Peel Hand Cream.

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Models’ skin was nourished backstage with Mandarin & Rosemary Leaf Body Cream and Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream; ensuring skin was kept well hydrated for the Autumn/Winter 2014 show at New York Fashion Week.

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We have just launched our new Grown Alchemist spa protocols, expect a new level of anti-aging prescriptive pampering. Treatments have been designed to soothe stress from the mind and body and transform beauty. 

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We are now selling our range in KaDeWe, Berlin’s premium department store. What apparently started as an adventurous idea by the Berlin merchant Adolf Jandorf, surpassed all expectations when it opened in 1907. 

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Our new cream cleanser features Olive Leaf Extract, a powerful active ingredient that helps slow the visible signs of aging while hydrating and firming the skin. Additional actives include B Vitamin and Plantago Extract that noticeably reduce pore size while gently cleansing and soothing delicate facial skin.

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